Air/Gas Scrubbers and Strippers

Swenson provides a variety of equipment for air and gas scrubbing and stripping. 


Swenson can supply scrubbers as part of an evaporator or crystallizer system for the removal or recovery of components from process streams. 

Swenson has supplied a variety of scrubbers, including:

  • scrubbers to reduce entrainment in nuclear service
  • acid recovery scrubbers with trays
  • ammonia absorbers
  • spray columns for the recovery of fluorine generated along with the vapor during the concentration of phosphoric acid.

Stripping Columns

Swenson can supply stripping columns for special applications. They can be provided as integrated units on an evaporator or crystallizer body or as a separate unit.

Swenson supplies a variety of stripping columns, including:

  • stripping columns with ballast and valve trays for caprolactam and boric acid service.
  • stripping columns with trays to remove sodium bicarbonate

Flue Gas Scrubbing Systems

The Swenson flue gas dry scrubbing system (FGD) is designed to remove sulfur dioxide, hydrogen chloride and other contaminants from flue gas.The FGD system consists of an alkali (Na or Ca) feed preparation, spray dryer, and dry collector (fabric filter or electrostatic precipitator). Alkali feed is atomized by means of a two-fluid nozzle or centrifugal atomizer. Collection efficiencies of up to 99% on HCl and over 70% on SO2 can be achieved.