High-Quality Water Recovery Solutions

Water is one of our planet’s most valuable resources, and, as such, efficient water recovery is critical to creating a more sustainable future. At Swenson, we design and build high quality, dependable wastewater treatment solutions to reliably and efficiently recover clean water from waste streams around the world. 

Our tremendous experience, coupled with our commitment to staying at the forefront of research and development, has enabled Swenson to develop a wide variety of flexible systems to process liquid waste, retrieve valuable byproduct, and maximize the recovery of clean, reusable water. To achieve optimal water recovery, Swenson leverages years of experience and expertise in wastewater treatment techniques like evaporation, crystallization, filtration, centrifuging, heat transfer, and drying. 

We also provide Zero-Liquid Discharge (ZLD) solutions, an advanced wastewater treatment method that eliminates all liquid waste from industrial processes, while recovering more than 95% of a plant’s wastewater for reuse. [link to ZLD page] 

Benefits of Water Recovery Solutions from Swenson

Swenson provides streamlined wastewater treatment and water recovery solutions, designed to meet the unique demands of your application. As a result, our water recovery designs provide the following benefits:

  • Maximum clean water recovery 
  • Lower raw material costs due to product recovery from waste streams
  • Cost-effective solution transportation and processing
  • Easy setup and relocation with skid-mounted equipment