Swenson’s strategy is to create meaningful client relationships that ensure long-term value and success.

We strive to provide our clients with technical and business excellence, continuous process improvement, and responsiveness to meet their changing needs.

Our commitment to the delivery of these quality services is the basis of our long-term vision of developing win/win relationships.

Process and Equipment Improvements

Swenson works to continuously develop and improve our products. Some of these improvements can be used to upgrade existing installations to improve performance, energy efficiency, product quality, and capacity.


Swenson can provide parts for equipment from past projects or assist you in locating or fabricating part replacements. 

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Technical Assistance

Swenson provides customers with a broad range of technical support. For example, we can evaluate operating data against the original design flowsheet, analyze feed and product samples, and provide recommendations to improve performance.

Field Service

If on-site services are needed, Swenson has an experienced team of field service engineers around the world who can assist customers at their location.

Replacement Equipment

Swenson maintains files on installed equipment and can provide replacement equipment fabricated to fit into existing systems.