Flash Dryers

The Swenson flash dryer is suitable for drying a wide variety of materials. The product is dried in a hot gas stream which pneumatically conveys the material through the body of the dryer. This unique feature of the flash dryer allows the dryer to be positioned near the process while the product storage area may be as far as 200 feet away. In a flash dryer, the product is in intimate contact with the gas stream for a very short time. The flash dryer is, therefore, ideally suited for removing free moisture from the surface of the material being dried.

Benefits of Flash Dryers

  • Flexible installation
  • Ideal for removing moisture from product surfaces
  • Versatile method suitable for drying a wide variety of materials

How Flash Dryers Work

Operation of the flash dryer is straightforward. A single exhaust fan, located on the clean gas side of the dust collector, is used to induce the flow of gas through the heater, uptake pipe, horizontal duct, and dust collector separator. On occasion, a cage mill fan is used as a lump breaker to disintegrate any large agglomerates of material. Cyclone or fabric filter dust collectors are commonly used for dust collection and separation.

Due to the design and operating techniques employed, the flash dryer can be easily adapted for closed-cycle operations. Swenson Technology flash dryers are available in carbon steel, stainless steel, and other alloys.